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Kulthum's secrets about her new husband

On 25th November, Dr. Kulthum Nabunya and her South Africa-based new catch, engineer Akram Gumisiriza held a glamorous introduction ceremony in Kawanda. The function was attended by more than 500 guests at an invite-only basis to witness a memorable day for the couple. During the celebrations, Dr. Kulthum was gifted several items including a brand new car, registration plate DR KUL 4 GP. He plans to relocate to Kampala in the near future adding that it is stressful and tiresome to always travel in and out of the country to enjoy their relationship. He noted that since he works in the mining industry when he is in South Africa, he plans to apply for a job in Uganda’s mining industry so as to have a stable marriage with his wife.

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Nutritionist-Approved Prebiotics Foods

A lesser-known but close companion to probiotics, they are plant fibres that are not digestible by the body but can help good bacteria grow and survive in the gut. The probiotics are living microorganisms that thrive inside our gastrointestinal tract and aid the process of digestion and metabolism. These factors further help promote overall gut health. Also referred to as good bacteria, probiotics are safe to consume and can easily be sourced through the cultures of fermented dairy products like dahi, lassi, chaas, cheese and more. Hence, it is important to keep including these foods in our daily diets, especially for these probiotics (microorganisms) to remain active.

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Growing up with a step mom

My mom died when I was born. My grandmother(mother’s side)took me with her so she can take care of me but my dad used to bring me back every few weeks. this went on for initial 6 years. He remarried out of pressure when i was 8 month old. I was always told my stepmother is my real mother. When i grew older i used to ask so many questions like why is her face different from older pics etc. (i was very gullible and young). Then eventually i found out and pretended i didn't know. I have one step sister and step brother. I love them a lot ..

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One day, we were out to lunch, and she jumped up to open the door for an elderly couple coming in, and I knew at that moment that she was the one. I thought to myself, I have to ask this woman to be my wife. I realized this woman had a kindness about her, and I never wanted to be away from it. I was already in love, but at that moment, I fell deeper. I spent the next three months shopping for a ring and preparing to propose. I must have looked at hundreds of rings during that time. One day, I walked into an antique shop, and there it was. This ring was made for us. I bought it and made a reservation at our favorite restaurant, our first 'real date' restaurant. The next Saturday, we went out to dinner, and I asked this beautiful woman to marry me. She said yes.

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Stolen goat given as dowry...

A 25 -year old man has been arrested by police in Buwenge Town Council for allegedly stealing a goat to clear dowry.The suspect is said to have stolen the goat from Butagaya sub-county in Jinja district.The stolen goat was reportedly meant to be taken to his inlaws’ home in Luuka district where his introduction ceremony was set.

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